Initial School 140 by Betsaida Curto Reyes and Ander Bados Sesma

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Project team
Freddy Dario Barreto Huerta, Cecilia Marcheselli, Valeria Vidal, Claudia Hervias, Talon Kappe, Victoria Arrighi.
Collaborators Colaboradores
Local Architect.- Huber Gabriel Canchis Agreda.
Structural Engineering.- Claudia Villanueva (HVS Engineers).
Furniture Design.- Adrian Gonzales del Campo.
Delineation.- Goirdana Ch'aska Quispe.
ONG All Hands and Hearts, HN Arquitectos.
ONG All Hands and Hearts, ONG Andar Perú.
760 sqm.
Ica, Peru.

Betsaida Curto Reyes

Betsaida Curto Reyes is an architect and co-founder of the non-profit organization Community Beyond Construction. Its mission is to improve access to education by building safe and well-designed schools and learning spaces.

Community Beyond Construction works with local communities, governments, and international actors working in remote areas to help design and build schools in resource-poor environments. Ultimately, CBC aims to help provide better access to well-designed learning spaces for communities that have little or no school infrastructure. 

Their way of working is centered on their team's core values, experience, and expertise in anthropology, architecture, engineering, and construction. They design and build schools together with the community and invest time in truly understanding local needs. CBC's activities include ethnographic research; design workshops; architectural and engineering design; project development; construction management and skills training.

Ander Bados Sesma

Ander Bados Sesma (Bilbao, 1991) is the co-founder of the architecture firm AMAO estudio, which won the Arquia prize at the VII Festival of 2020. He obtained his degree in architecture from ETSA in Coruña and FAUP in Porto in 2016. He worked in Portugal and Peru between 2016 and 2020 to return to Bilbao and found his professional studio in 2020.



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