Franqueses del Vallés Nature Classroom by Edra Arquitectura Km0 and Bunyesc arquitectes

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Ayuntamiento Les Franquesses del Vallés.
Usable floor area.- 870 m²
GFA.- 530 m².
Design.- 2019.
Completion.- 25.10.2022.
Les Franquesses del Vallés. Barcelona, Spain.
Stella Rotger.

Àngels Castellarnau Visús. Edra arquitectura km0

Edra arquitectura km0. Architecture studio founded by Àngels Castellarnau Visús, Barcelona 1978, Architect by ETSAV 2003, specialized in bio-construction, architecture with low environmental impact, and earthen architecture. Master's Degree from the UPC in Natural Energy in Architecture. He investigates construction systems with local materials and the management of natural resources in the territory. Member of the Ibero-American earth construction network PROTERRA. She is a co-founder of the "Made in tierra Spain" platform. She gives conferences and training workshops on land construction.

Awards and distinctions: 2015 and 2016, Castilla y León Sustainable Construction Award, 2016 International Award for Contemporary Architecture in Raw Earth TerraAward 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021 García Mercadal Sustainability Award from the College of Architects of Aragon and also in 2021 Finalist with selected work in the International Competition for Contemporary Architecture in Earth and Fibers TerraFibra Award 2021.

Josep Bunyesc Palacín. Bunyesc arquitectes

Bunyesc arquitectes. Architecture studio based in Lerida founded in 2004 by Josep Bunyesc Palacín, Barcelona 1979, Architect from ETSAB 2003, Ph.D. in sustainable architecture and habitat in mountain areas ETSAB EPFLausanne LESO 2013.

Guest professor at the EPF Lausanne ENAC intensive week 2014-2017 and guest professor at the ETSAB 2020-2022, plus multiple courses and conferences on wood construction and positive energy buildings. In 2020 he published the book positive architecture.

Awards and distinctions: 2011 First prize in the 1st Ibero-American Passivhaus competition, 2012 1st European Prize for entrepreneurial spirit from the European Union for the sustainable construction proposal, 2012 National Prize for Architecture Culture and Public Spaces from the Generalitat de Catalunya, 2013 Endesa Prize for sustainable architecture in Rehabilitation and 2016 excel lència energètica award for the rehabilitation and expansion of the CanPortabella civic center in Barcelona.



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