Luis Rodríguez in "TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE"

Luis Rodríguez in "TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE"
European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Mora [Venice] Italy.
metalocus, ÁLVARO LAMAS
Kolumba Museum, Peter Zumthor. Cologne, 2013. Photography © Luis Rodriguez.
In the context of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia 2016, the European Cultural Centre presents its exhibition "TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE" in two of its prestigious Palazzi in Venice, Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora.

Time Space and Existence are the most fundamental themes of mankind. We would like to acknowledge that all human discoveries and achievements, be it in science, art or any other discipline, should lead to a greater awareness about our existence, the existence of all matter and our position within time and space. Architecture, of the past and of today, forces us to consider and re-consider. 

In the exhibition we bring together about 100 architects, young, senior, established and emerging, from many different cultures. Humans with different points of view. Co-existing thoughts and ideas from the last 50 years, which could be the basis of the thoughts of the future. With their projects, architects often have an enormous impact on the way we humans experience the quality of our surrounding. They influence our daily existence and leave a mark on the earth from this current Time and often this ‘mark' even outlives the architect himself. Architectural photographers capture this Space in this Time in our Existence and they have, like the architects, many different points of view and approaches. Architects should be very conscious about the impact their activities and decisions have on people and other living beings, as well as on our environment as a total. 

Palazzo Mora/Strada Nuova #3659 , 30121
Venice, Italy.
From May 28 to November 27, 2016


Luis Rodríguez López (Granada, 1983) is an architect and photographer formed in the E.T.S. Architecture of Granada.

In his professional experience includes his work in Malta for the recognized study Architecture Project (2013 - 2016) and the exhibition of his photographic work in the XV Biennial of Architecture in Venice (2016) as part of the exhibition " more