Materialize the holidays. House of the Barral´s Eel by MOL Arquitectura

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MOL Arquitectura. Architects.- Muiños+Otero+López Arquitectura
Project team
Co-founder architect.- Cecilia L. Muiños. Co-founder architect.- Juanjo Otero. Co-founder Quantity surveyor.- Luis Ángel López.
Council of Castrelo de Miño.
José de Trado S.L.
121.30 m².
Construcciones Metálicas.- San Pedro. Iluminación.- Lledó. Madera.- FINSA (Finply). Carpintería.- Pintos. Materiales de Construcción.- García Carrera, S.A. Aislamientos.- Tabitech Soto S.L. Cristalería.- Nova. Guías.- Klein. Cristalera Española.- Saint Gobain. Paneles de Corcho.- Amorim. Morteros ecológicos.- Fassa Bortolo. Termoarcilla. --- Metallic Constructions.- San Pedro. Lighting.- Lledó. Wood.- FINSA (Finply). Carpentry.- Pintos. Construction Materials.- García Carrera, S.A. Isolations.- Tabitech Soto S.L. Glassware.- Nova. Guides.- Klein. Spanish glassware.- Saint Gobain. Cork Panels.- Amorim. Ecological mortars.- Fassa Bortolo. Thermoclay.
Campo da Festa de Barral, Castrelo de Miño, Ourense, Spain.

Muiños Otero López Arquitectura. MOL Arquitectura

MOL Arquitectura. Multidisciplinary architecture and urban planning firm founded in 2002 by Cecilia L. Muiños, Juanjo Otero, architects by the E.T.S. of Architecture of A Coruña, in 2002. And Luis Ángel López, technical architect for the E.U. of Technical Architecture of A Coruña. In addition, they are signatories to the constitution of the Arume Foundation in 2019.

Study specialized in carrying out building and landscaping projects, development of corporate identity, ephemeral architecture, endowment buildings, industrial buildings, housing and urban recovery.

The study approaches each project as a continuous investigation, regardless of its scale, carrying out the definition, development and construction of each of the elements: sustainability, sensitivity to the environment, environmental awareness, critical analysis of the program, attention to detail and constructive rigor, are the invariants of the study.

In addition to publishing his work in different virtual and written media, the studio exhibits his different projects in different galleries and pre-professional schools since 2011, as well as lectures held in different parts of Spain. Obtaining awards throughout his career, highlighting the IFAC (finalists, 2014), BUILD Awards (winners, 2019) and FAD (finalists, 2020).



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