THE NEW YORKER on covers and more...

THE NEW YORKER on covers and more...
By illustrators such as Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine among others
Illustration © Eustace Tilley. Cover for THE NEW YORKER, February 2013
Today relate Illustration with press, criticism, essays and fiction, these are all contents publications collected THE NEW YORKER magazine. From lightweight format, soft cover, illustrations and weekly circulation gimmicky, traditionally liberal trend in the American sense of the term, the magazine The New Yorker with a public follower mediates 46 years old, has been part of American culture for over 80 years.

THE NEW YORKER was first published on February 17, 1925. The magazine was originally intended to be humorous in nature, but quickly began to publish more serious articles dealing with politics and the social issues during "roaring twenties." The magazine now has a strong web presence, including its home page, exclusive web content and an archive of every issue the magazine has every published. The archive is available for purchase and comes in DVD form or on a small external hard drive.

The original intent of the magazine was to provide a rival to contemporary publications such as Life or Judge. Since then, the magazine has become a launching point and publication venue for many famous writers such as J.D. Salinger, E.B. White and Richard Yates.

Each issue contains short stories, editorial pieces, humorous as well as serious articles and the famous "New Yorker" cartoons.

With a production of 47 magazines per year, the magazine has had several covers compromised, the lastest this month of July 2013 in which choose Bert and Ernie, Sesame Street children's cartoons, as icon-cause to celebrate the ruling in favor of gay marriage.

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