From noise to harmony. Inno.EcoSLab by Qucess Design

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Design team
Design Director.- Li Yiming. Chief Designer.- Wang Xueli.
Collaborators.- Xiang Lv, Ying Xu, Kun Hu, Jian Chuan Li, Quan Xian Zhou, Chao Fei Shi, Liang Li, Shi Chao Ji, Zhi Wei Zhao. Soft Furnishing Director.- Hu Kun. Hard outfit team.- Li Liang, Ji Shichao, Han Zhangsheng, Zhang Zhihao, Ren Lulu, Wang Qian. Soft Decoration Team.- Pingfan, Zou Guangpeng. Video Director.- Meng Feixiang. Brand Director.- Li Yuhan. Media Agency.- Lele Brand Strategy.
3,240 sqm.
April 2020 - October 2020.
St. Chuangye, Zhongguancun, Beijing, China.
Shi Yunfeng.

Yi Ming Li. Qucess Design

Founded in Beijing in The 2002,by architect Yi Ming Li graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University and a Master's degree in EMDM from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Qucess Design has been commissioned by clients of various backgrounds for design in industrial park planning and consulting, building and interior integration transformation, office, and apartment space design and soft outfit design. Due to the influence of multicultural exchange in Beijing, Qucess Design has been committed to building a team with different cultural backgrounds that transmit its values and philosophy: "Design creates new value".

Qucess Design has also won many prestigious design awards around the world including FX Awards International Interior Design Awards, German Design Award, A' Design Award, and Competition, German iconic awards, APIDA as well as many top awards in China such as China Architecture Design award, CIID Institute Design Award, the Golden Bund Award, etc.



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