Over the sea. Walkway l’Aldilonda around the Citadel of Bastia by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

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Design team
Dietmar Feichtinger, Jan Feichtinger, Miguel Piedras Lobo, Arthur Royer.
Local Partner Architect.- Buzzo Spinelli Architecture. Landscape planning.- IN SITU paysage et urbanisme. Engineers.- SBP BET structure. Subcontractor.- Maritime construction techniques, hydrodynamic calculations, numerical and physical simulations, dimensioning of coastal engineering structures.
Bastia Town Hall.
Data set
Size and main characteristics.- Total length. 450 meters. Wingspan.- 3m for the concrete path, variations depending on the depth of the rocks. Weight.- Precast concrete, fixed on concrete brackets anchored in the rock, and precast concrete slabs placed on the rock. Excavation on site.- Debris to be moved: 800 t. Excavation in excavation and filling: 500 c.b.m. All types of material to remove: 250 c.b.m. Tension elements.- Anchors in sound rock, 3 m deep. Diameter of 51 mm. Height at sea level.- 5m.
Building costs The Aldilonda.- € 9,750,000. Additional Works.- € 309,000.00.
Competition entry.- 04/07/2017. Start of planning.- 10/2017. Start of construction.- Groundbreaking.- 02/2019. Completion Inauguration.- 23/12/2020.
VRD Roads and Utilities, canal and road construction.- BETEM PACA, multidisciplinary BET VRD, environmental and regulatory studies (EI, DLE, ...). Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic studies, static test, wind tunnel tests.- Cotier Genie: Oceanide.
Bastia, Corsica, France.
Ariavista Julien Angella, David Boureau.

Feichtinger Dietmar

Dietmar Feichtinger, a native of Austria, studied architecture at the Technical University of Graz, graduating [summa] cum laude in 1988. After gaining initial experience with Prof. Huth, Prof. Giencke and Prof. Klaus Kada, he moved to Paris in 1989, and founded in 1994 his firm Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, with headquarters in Paris, and in 2002 he opened a subsidiary in Vienna. Feichtinger has taught at a number of universities since 1994 – the University of Paris-La Villette, the RWTH Aachen, the University of Innsbruck and the University of Vienna. He received a wide range of prizes and distinctions for his work.
Career Short Biography
2014 Appointed permanent member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin
2006 - 2010 Member of architect advisory board of Salzburg
2002 Fond a second office of Feichtinger Architectes in Vienna
1999 - 2000 Visiting professor at the RWTH Aachen
since 1999 Teaching at University Paris La Villette UP6
1995 Visiting professor, Construction Institut, University of Innsbruck
1989 - 1993 Project leader and associate Philippe Chaix/Jean-Paul Morel, Architectes
1993 Fond Feichtinger Architectes in Paris
1984 - 1988 Worked with Prof. Huth, Prof. Giencke , Prof. Kada
1981 - 1988 Studied architecture at the Technical University of Graz, Austria, special mention
2017 German Steel Construction Award for Engineering Peace Footbridge, Lyon
2016 Award of the department Sarthe Schoolcenter Albert Camus in Coulaines
2015 Wood construction Award of the region Low Normandy Jetty to Mont Saint-Michel
         ArchiDesignClub Award Sports centre Jules Ladoumègue, category sport
         Equerre d'Argent 2015 French Architecture Award, Category bridges, The Jetty
         French Steel Construction Trophées Eiffel Award The jetty
         Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 Nomination Jetty to Mont Saint-Michel
         National Wood Construction Award The Jetty to Mont-Saint-Michel
2012 Equerre d'Argent Mention, Schoolcenter Lucie Aubrac, Nanterre
2011 Comissionner Award County Hospital Klagenfurt
         Mies van der Rohe Award 2011 nomination with 2 projets of the office Financal Center voestalpine Linz and Regional Hospital Klagenfurt
         Ernst Anton Plischke Award, Special recomandation, Bilger-Breustedt School
         EU Green Building Certification County Hospital de Klagenfurt
         Footbridge Award Kategorie Category Techics Footbridge Valmy
2010 Bauherrenpreis 2009 Bilger-Breustedt School groupe
         Best Office Award Financal- and Sales Center voestalpine Stahl GmbH
         Plus Beaux Ouvrages de construction Métallique Mention, Footbridges Braque, Miro et Chagall in Strasbourg
         BSI Swiss Architectural Award Nomination
2009 Oberösterreichischer Holzbaupreis, Sonderpreis Mischkonstruktion Bilger-Breustedt Schoolgroup
2008 German Bridge Award Tri-Countries Bridge
         IStructE Award for Pedestrian Bridges Tri Countries Bridge
         Footbridge Award, Category aesthetics Footbridge Simone-de-Beauvoir
         Footbridge Award, Category Technics Tri-countries Bridge
         ECCS Steel Design Award, European Steel Award Tri-Countries Bridge
         German Steel Award Tri-counties bridge
         Hayden Medal Dreiländerbrücke
2007 Mies van der Rohe Award 2007, nomination of 3 projects of the office.
         Comissioner Award University de Krems
         European Steel design Award Footbridge Simone-de-Beauvoir
         Renault Future Traffic Award Three-country bridge
         Geramb Rose for good building in Styria, Culturel Center Weiz
         Building of the year 2007 Footbridge of the Museum
2006 Equerre d'Argent Special Prize, Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir
         Culture and Sciences Award Land of Lower Austria, Danube University Krems
         Architecture Prize of Land of Styria Cultural Center Weiz
         ÖsterreichischerBauPreis2005 Danube University Krems
         Building of the year 2006 Assocation of Architects and Engineers Hamburg, Shanghaibridge
         ZT Award University Krems and Footbridge Simone-de-Beauvoir
2005 Equerre d'Argent Nomination, Bâtiment A1 Gennevillliers
1998 Kunstpreis Berlin Prize of Architecture of the Academy of Arts Berlin



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