Placed in nature. Eagle Rock Cliffs hotel by Duoxiangjie Architectural Design

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Design team
Zhang Bichang, Huang Chang, Zhang Wen.
Project general consultant.- Wang Shouzhi, Project Planning.- Cui Donghui.
Development team
Zizaixiaoyin Hotel Co., Ltd., Hunan.
1190 m²
August 2017 - June 2019.
Baimao Village, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. China.

Li Liang Duoxiangjie Architectural Design

Duoxiangjie Architectural Design, the Beijing multi-directional Architecture Design Studio was established in 2013. The studio team has always been committed to the research and practice of the contemporary nature of architectural design and the transformation path under the influence of Chinese traditional culture in the current diverse background. 

The multi-perspective perspective determines the inevitability of architecture, the boundaries of traditional design disciplines, graphic image and architectural space, public art and urban landscape; image and architectural skin, modern translation of regional and traditional symbols, etc... May provide an opportunity for the creation of a new design concept. 

Li Liang, the associate professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is responsible for the design work. Currently, the architecture and environmental design of the Jinshiwan Art Park in Weihai, the architecture and environmental design of the Shuangxi Academy in Hunan, and the planning and architectural design of the Xinghai Yinhe Resort in Shizuishan, Ningxia. 

Studio members: Li Liang, Zhao Jian, Bu Hongwei, Chen Ye, Huang Xinjian, Bai Bing, Luo Xueya.



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