Abstraction that is lost in nature. Liquid Pavilion by depA Architects

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depA Architects
Design Team
Carlos Azevedo, Jo„o CrisÛstomo, LuÌs Sobral, Miguel Santos, Sara Pontes, Margarida Leit„o, ¬ngela Meireles, Hugo Sobrosa
Edgar Brito, LuÌs Oliveira
Otiima Art Works
Hosted Artwork
O Peixe, Jonathas de Andrade
Fundação de Serralves

Carlos Azevedo, Carlos M. Guimarães, Luís Sobral, João Crisóstomo. depA

The group depA [department Architecture] was created in 2009, in Oporto. From the work developed for depA stands out the First prize for the production of the project of the future Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez, in Jaen, Spain, and the block of Avenal, Honor's Mention in the Prémio de Tijolo de Face à Vista Vale da Gândara. The project of block in Avenal was one of the 100 works selected in "Arquitetura Portuguesa - Discrição é to Nova Visibilidade", a sample of the Portuguese architecture produced in the last 20 years and that included an exhibition in Sao Paulo, 2013.

Carlos Azevedo. Studied at dArq-FCTUC and TUDelft. Collaborated with Jose Gigante Architecture Studio from 2007 to 2012 and from 2012 to 2014 with MVCC Arquitectos. 

Carlos M Guimarães. Studied at dArq-FCTUC and Milan Polytechnic. Post-graduated course in Urban and Regional Planning from Porto Business School. Worked in Bilbao, Caracas and Lisbon. Collaborates with Iperforma, SA, in Porto, and writes to several international magazines.

Luís Sobral. Studied at dArq-FCTUC and EPFL (Lausanne). Collaborates since 2008 with the studio Pedra Líquida.

João Crisóstomo. Studied at dArq-FCTUC and TUDelft. Was director of NU magazine in 2007/08. Writes to several magazines. Collaborated with the studio Pedra Líquida from 2008 to 2012. Collaborates with MVCC Architects.



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