Abstraction that is lost in nature. Liquid Pavilion by depA Architects

Abstraction that is lost in nature. Liquid Pavilion by depA Architects
Pavilhão do Lago [Serralves Foundation - Porto] Portugal
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO
Liquid Pavilion by depA Architects. Photograph © Josè Campos
The Portuguese architecture practice based in Porto, depA Architects, has completed "Liquid Pavilion" in the grounds of Fundação de Serralves designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira. This cultural institution, the most visited museum in Portugal, also includes in the other side of therir lands an Art Deco house and an 18-hectare garden-park.
Here, near the park’s lake, depA architects, has constructed a reflective pavilion using screening short films. The pavilion is filled with colour, light and echoes, ëcamouflaging itselfí in its host environment. The design seeks to establish an indirect relationship with the nature and Siza’s museum building, which opened in 1999. The project has been photographed by José Campos

Description of project by depA Architects

The pavilion uses both the Museum building and the Serralves Park as its raw material, each one in a different scale. Firstly, the pavilionís design establishes an indirect relationship with the Museum building.

The pavilionís design is a polygon extracted from the Museumís layout, corresponding to one of its characteristic spaces ó the bow window ó whose classic hexagonal matrix is repeated and emerges at various times throughout the Park, both in the ...read more

depA Architects
Design Team
Carlos Azevedo, Jo„o CrisÛstomo, LuÌs So
bral, Miguel Santos, Sara Pontes, Margarida Leit„o, ¬ngela Meireles, Hugo Sobrosa
Edgar Brito, LuÌs Oliveira
Otiima Art Works
Hosted Artwork
O Peixe, Jonathas de Andrade
Fundação de Serralves


The group depA [department Architecture] was created in 2009, in Oporto. From the work developed for depA stands out the First prize for the production of the project of the future Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez, in Jaen, Spain, and the block of Avenal, Honor's Mention in the Prémio de Tijolo de Face à Vista Vale da Gândara. The project of block in Avenal was one of the 100 wo...read more