Redrawing the urban planning of Sant Antoni in Barcelona by Leku Studio

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City council of Barcelona.

Jokin Santiago, Marta Sola. Leku Studio

Leku Studio is an architecture and urban planning office founded in 2017 in Barcelona by the architects Jokin Santiago and Marta Sola. Their work focuses on the design of urban transformation strategies, landscape and public space.

Jokin Santiago Elorriaga is an architect from the Barcelona School of Architecture, 2014. Specialized in urban ecology and public space projects, in his previous professional career he has worked as an architect for the Urban Prospecting Department of the Barcelona City Council and a consultant in urban strategy in the private sector. In 2016 he founded the OUT association for the promotion, design and curating of cultural projects in the field of architecture

Marta Sola Páramo is an architect from the Barcelona School of Architecture, 2015. Before founding Leku Studio, she collaborated with different international studios participating in architecture projects and master plans in cities such as Doha, Tangier and London. Specialized in the design of urban transformation projects and strategies, she is also co-director and responsible for the cultural program of the Open House Bilbao architecture festival.



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