Reinterpreting Boris Albín's work. "Casa Quijote" by Estudio Mero

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Estudio Mero. Lead architects.- Horacio Gutiérrez Merediz, Rodrigo Degetau Vom Hovel.
Project team
David Gómez, Diego Alpizar.
387 m².
Lomas de Tecamachalco, Mexico State. Mexico.

Rodrigo Degetau, Horacio Merediz. Estudio Mero

Estudio Mero is an architecture and design studio, based in Mexico City, founded in 2017 and directed by Rodrigo Degetau and Horacio Merediz.

Rodrigo Degetau is an interior architect by center. Horacio Gutiérrez Merediz is an architect from La Salle University, Mexico. They have carried out residential and commercial projects inside and outside of Mexico City. Other cities where they have experience in design and construction are Mérida, Cancún, Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Acapulco, Los Cabos and Valle de Bravo; and design and supervision in foreign cities such as Beijing.
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