REVEALING SHAKESPEARE. Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre

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Renato Rizzi.
Project team
Roberto Rossetto, Roberto Giacomo Davanzo, Andrea Rossetto, Emiliano Forcelli, Susanna Pisciella, Denis Rovetti, Lorenzi Sivieri, Luca Sirdone, Ernst Struwig.
Specialized coordination.- Q-Arch Sp. zo.o. (Cracovia), Robert Kuzianik, Wieslaw Socha, Anna Socha, Karol Korycki. Collaborators.- Aramando Mammino, A.C.R., Gianfranco Rorato, Andrzej Dabrowski (structural engineering), Jan Wachacki (electrical), Arkadiusz Kontecki (mechanical), Lukasz Pilch (hydraulic), Bartek Zdeb (others), Zbigniew Koska (building technology), Feliks Mikulski (fire consulting). Location.- Gdansk, Poland. Site supervision.- Bud-Invent.
CTS (Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski).
Built surface.- 4.000 sqm.
2005 (international competition), 2008-2010 (project), 2011-2014 (construction).
Matteo Piazza.


Renato Rizzi graduated in Venice in 1977. After working for a decade with Peter Eisenman, he returned to Italy to pursue teaching, design and theory.

In 1984 he won the competition for the sports area Gravels, in Trento, completed in 2002, awarded in 1992 with the first prize in the National / Arch. From 1984 to 1992 he began working in New York with Peter Eisenman. Of that period: La Villette, Paris; the new headquarters of the Monte dei Paschi Siena; the Opera House in Tokyo and recently in 2008 "Research Tower", Padua. He participated in numerous international competitions, including New Zealand, Warsaw, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Wellinghton, Copenhagen, Krakow. In 1992 he was awarded the National Award In / Arch and in 2003 he received an honorable mention for the Gold Medal for Architecture Italian .. In 2003, he won the third prize in the competition for the design of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo . In 2009 he won the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture of the Milan Triennale with the project for the Casa Museo Depero realized in 2008; wins the mention the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe in 2009; Honorable Mention Compasso d'Oro ADI for the House of Art Futurist Fortunato Depero in 2011. Besides being a designer and teaching, develops an intense research. The main publications: P. Eisenman, "The End of the Classic" (eds), Cluva Ve, 1987 ,; "Mystical nothing" F. Motta Editore 1996; "Poverty and redemption: the European city in the look of thought" with GL Salvotti, Venice 1999; "The voices of idleness" Venice in 1999; E. Severino "Technology and Architecture" Milan 2003 by; "The divine landscape", Venice 2008; "The Daimon Architecture, Theoria-Heresy", Bologna 2006; "The wall Jewish empire Eisenman," Mimesis 2009; "John Hejduk: Incarnatio" Marsilio Ed. (Fri), 2010; "The irreconcilable" with R.Toffolo and M.Donà, Mimesis Ed. (Milan-Udine), 2010; "The Unbreakable" Mimesis Ed. (Milan-Udine), 2010; "The Eagle-S (c) isma of the Image," Mimesis Ed. (Milan-Udine), 2011; "Parma Unexpected" Mup Publisher (Parma), 2013.

In 1986, establishes in Trento Trentino Section of In / Arch, National Institute of Architecture. Associate professor of architectural composition IUAV, Venice; has lectured at Harvard, Cairo, La Plata, Auckland.

He has exhibited his works at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice in 1984, 1985, 1996, 2002, 2010. He is the director since 2009 of the series "Aesthetics and Architecture" for Mimesis Edizioni.

Rizzi for teaching, research and profession are closely integrated, in fact its theoretical commitment is directed to reopen the technical-scientific knowledge to know the ontological-metaphysical as essential and outdated horizon, for our contemporary, Architecture.





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