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Pavilion by Rintala Eggertsson Architects.
At work with is a residency program taking place in the Nordic Pavilion during the 2010 Biennale. During the three months of the Biennale, twelve young and upcoming architectural practises from Finland, Sweden and Norway, are invited as hosts and caretakers of the Nordic Pavillion for one week. Each group will create their home office enviroment and develop their own unic combination of work and events.

"Miilu" is a wooden site specific installation next to the Nordic Pavilion, offering an informal meeting place for visitors in the Venice Biennale. The work consists of layered sawn timber of different dimensions. The material becomes not only the structure, but also an interior space with benches, a decorative presentation of wood inspired by marble layers in Italian churches and Venetian blinds, plus finally a light installation during the evenings. Moreover, the idea behind the structural principle comes from the Nordic Pavilion beside.

The design and building took place during 4 days on site. Due to strict Venetian fire regulations and general fear of this element of nature, the fire burned only for some minutes.

The name Miilu is Finnish and stands for an archaic wooden pile structure made to produce tar.
The project continues the Biennale theme "People meet in Architecture".

Technical information.-
Client.- Swedish Museum of Architecture, Norwegian Museum of Architecture and Finnish Museum of Architecture
Curators.- Karin Åberg Wærn, Eva Madshus, Kristiina Nivari, Anders Johanson / Testbedstudio and Tor Lindstad / Economy
Design.- Rintala Eggertsson Architects – Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertsson, Vibeke Jenssen, Kaori Watanabe and Ingrid Londono.

Footprint area.- 4,0 m x 4,0 m = 16,0 m2
Height.- 4,0 m
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Sami Rintala was born in 1969.He is an architect and an artist, with a long merit list after finishing his architect studies in Helsinki Finland 1999. He established architect office Casagrande & Rintala 1998, which produced a series of acknowledged architectural installations around the world during the next five years until 2003. These works combine architecture with critical thinki...read more


Dagur Eggertsson was born in 1965.He is an architect with a professional background from a number of the most prominent offices in Oslo.  After his professional degree from the Oslo School of Architecture in 1992, he started his collaboration with architect Vibeke Jenssen, as NOIS architects.  In 1996 he finished a post-professional master’s degree at the Helsinki University of Technology...read more