Sequentiality and contrast of spaces. PER House by MOCA estudio

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MOCA estudio. Lead architects.- Carlos Moles Romero, Adrián Sánchez Castellano.
Grupo Ruisa.
90 sqm.
Project start.- 01-2023.
Start of work.- 04-2023.
End of work.- 08-2023.
Madrid, Spain.

Carlos Moles Romero, Adrián Sánchez Castellano. MOCA estudio

MOCA estudio is an Architecture and Design firm founded by architects Carlos Moles Romero and Adrián Sánchez Castellano. Both are architects who graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture. They currently operate from Madrid, developing their architectural activity in mostly housing and hospitality projects.

An important part of MOCA estudio's work encompasses the investigation of new practical formulas to design spaces, situations, and objects, focusing on its interest in the value and control of incoherence, contradictions, exceptions to the rule, order, and contrasts. The scale of the works covered by the study proposes a systematic approach from the scale of the building to the design of pieces of furniture with a unitary approach.

Their work has been widely published by prestigious media such as Metalocus, ArquitecturaViva, Tectónica, DiarioDesign or ON Diseño, among others, in addition to having participated in exhibitions organized by COAM and Residencias Matadero, among others.



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