Structures and plastics. Loren Nelson, photographer

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Loren Nelson. Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1952, Loren Nelson has always been interested in art and photography. He grew up in a family of artists – his father was a commercial artist and his grandmother, a china painter and teacher. Initially fascinated with color landscape photography, he watched his first good quality black and white print emerge in the developer while studying at the Portland Art Museum Art School in the early 70s. Nelson decided at that moment, that this was his purpose in life. In 1972, he picked up a Deardorff view camera, and has been organizing the world on a four by five-inch piece of frosted glass ever since.

Loren counts as his early influences Minor White and Wynn Bullock, and he holds the contemporary photographs of Bruce Barnbaum, Michael Kenna, and John Wimberley in high regard. He states that, “Each demonstrates technical mastery of his craft, astounding print quality, and a deep connection with his subjects”,  qualities Nelson hopes are evident in his work.

Nelson’s work has been widely exhibited in the western United States. His photographs are in numerous permanent public and private collections, including IBM, Oregon State University, and The Portland Art Museum. He makes his home in Beaverton, Oregon.




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