Student residency "Maison du Mexique" by Atela Architectes.

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Atela Architectes was founded in January 2000 by Andres Atela, with a degree from the A.A in 1994 and with experience in architectural firms based in Spain, Unites Estates and Singapor. Atela Architectes is based in Paris, next to the Place de la République,and their international outlook has attracted a diverse clientele and a wide range of commissions. They challenge themselves to design a maximum number of projects at different scales. From small to large-scale projects, their diverse program design briefs include public facilities, master planning, housing, office space, and exhibition design. Andrés Atela is an associate professor of Architecture in the Ecole Nationale Superieure of Paris la Villette since 2003 and he is also a critic visiting at several Universities around the world.




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