Edison Residence by Kanva

Edison Residence by Kanva
[Montreal] Canada
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Porte-cochère (towards University street). Edison Residence by Kanva. Photography © Marc Cramer
A small vacant lot located at the epicenter of Montreal student life, just north of the McGill University’s Milton gates, was the basis of the latest design by KANVA.

The film sequence, selected by Kanva, photoengraved into the concrete façade is extracted from the sequence of stills from the film: Montreal Fire Department on Runners (Edison, 1901). The film was carefully chosen for both its historical and contextual relevance: referencing the fire that vacated the site and highlighting the prolific inventor Thomas Edison, an important contributor to the development of ‘tableaux mouvants’ and motion pictures.

Description of the project by Kanva

The site endured a fire in the early 20th century, which flattened the existing 19th century historic stone house; this tragedy represents only one of many narrative layers embedded in the land. The historical context of the site became the primary inspiration for the urban renew...read more


KANVA is a architecture office based in Montreal, Canada, and founded in 2003. Their multidisciplinary practice centres on contemporary interventions in the urban landscape. Each of their projects expresses their core values of sustainability, innovation and integration. They don’t just design: they envision, build, develop and influence.

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