Thrills and spills at Stella Plage. Skate Park by Espace Libre

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Mairie de Cucq.
2,900 sqm.
April 2022.
62780 Stella Plage in Cucq, Pas-de-Calais, France.
€350,000 excluding VAT for the project.

Maxime Saïsse. Espace Libre

Espace Libre is a landscape design and project management office founded in 1990. The agency had a strong technical vocation. Subsequently, he developed his design skills, especially under the leadership of Maxime Saïsse, an urban landscaper, who has been at the helm of the company since July 2009. Today, Espace Libre is a landscape and urban planning workshop with skills covering various areas of des urban: restructuring, infrastructure and roads, bike lanes, promenades, parks and gardens, playgrounds and sports fields.

It is a team, made up of 10 people, who look after the design as responsible for the site and the theme of the site, in terms of green spaces and VRD. The landscaping workshop has a diversified experience that entrusts it with strong versatility and a great adaptation in terms of its facilities. It seeks to highlight the structuring elements of the existing landscape, make the spaces functional while enhancing the social bond, support the work of the project through a technical approach, highlight strong and centralizing spaces, thus making the bond attractive all of the developed sites.

Landscapers, urban planners, architects and engineers who are involved in the knowledge of the project for a global approach to the project that was part of the development of a territory, rich and complex. A contemporary country education and a reflection of various scales, the flexibility and versatility of this group allow a sober reflection on the subject of know-how in varied and complementary fields.

Until then located in Rouen in the Seine-Maritime department, the agency was established in 2013 in the new premises of the neighbouring town of Bonsecours.

The agency expands its scope of action by creating an agency in Hauts-de-France, in Lille (2017) and an agency in Paris (2018).



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