VILLA EXTRAMUROS by Vora Arquitectura

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Pere Buil, Jordi Fornells y Toni Riba. VORA ARQUITECTURA

vora (in catalán, limit, edge): f. Parte extrema donde termina una extensión superficial, que toca a sus límites.  I   f. En heráldica, línea que limita el escudo.   I    f. Tierra que hay a ambos lados del mar, de un lago, de un río.
f. Parte extrema de una prenda de ropa doblada y cosida.   I   vora elàstica Parte extrema de una prenda de vestir de punto, constituida per una banda de características diferentes del cuerpo de la prenda.   I   f. pl. Agujeros de los cartones jacquard correspondientes a las agujas destinadas a tejer los bordes de la prenda.

a la vora  loc. adv.  A poca distancia, cerca.   I   a la vora de loc. prep. Cerca de.

vora arquitectura was founded in 2000 in Lisbon. Since 2011 they are two independent offices, one located in Barcelona, with two associates Pere Buil and Toni Riba; and Jordi Fornells in Lisbon. They studied at the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona [ETSAB], 2000.

They work on building and urban design projects of different scales and typologies. Their built work to date has received several awards and been published in specialized magazines all over the world. Their approach to design and the building process is both abstract and material. They are interested in reduction and materiality as a response to present challenges. They are also interested in traces as the remain of memory and its impact to collective identities.

Some of their most relevant works to date are the Can Ricart Sports Center in Barcelona (Bonaplata Award 2007, arquia/proxima 2010 selection, A+ award 2011), a single-family house in Almeria (ARCO Young Architect Award 2006-07), the urban design of La Salut Old Town, in Badalona (including the Market square) and an apartment refurbishment in Gracia neighbourhood (arquia/proxima 2012 selection, FAD awards selection) among others. In construction they have a a doctor surgery in Paüls, Catalonia, and the urban design of the Born surroundings, former Central Market in Barcelona.

They combine our professional work with teaching and curation. Pere Buil is currently teaching at ETSALS (URL, Barcelona) and has been assistant professor at the Masters Program in BIArch (Barcelona) 2010-11, and Taller Vertical Workshop at ESARQ (UIC) 2010 and 2012. He's been curating “Estacions Transformadores” talks 2008-10 and currently “Sensitive Matter: Young Catalan Architects” exhibition, exhibited in Lisbon, Coruña, Berlin and Barcelona since 2010. Toni Riba has been curator of “Initiating Projects” international symposium in Barcelona, 2010.





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