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Baukunst, Mary Duggan architects, Ensamble studio, LCLA, Simon Boudvin, Eva le Roi, Léonard & Raphaël Kadid, Adamo-Faiden & Luis UrculoAlexis de la Taille & Théophile Chatelais, Anatomies 99Architecture, Archiplein & Léo Fabrizio, ASBR & Jérémy Lecomte, Atelier Aïno, Atelier du Rouget, Atmos Lab, Barrault Pressacco, Bony Mosconi Architectes, Giame Meloni & Mathieu Mercuriali, Caroline Geffriaud & Nzinga Mboup, Collectif Studiolada & Mathias Rollot, Davidson Rafailidis, Dyvik Kahlen, Emilio Marin, Fabriques Architectures Paysages, Florent Mathieu, Gonzalez Haase AAS, Henri de Chassey & Jonathan Zwygar, Karamuk Kuo, Louise Morin, Matthieu Molet, MBL Mue Expériences, Philippe Rahm, Prìa, Ramdam, Sam Chermayeff, Solène Lavillaureix, Timothée Gauvin & Antoine Plouzen Morvan, Victor Maréchal & Maria Fernanda Serna, Vorbot & fidinirina, Wallmakers, Zeroth Systems.
Director of the ÉNSA Versailles.- Jean-Christophe Quinton. Assistant Director.-  Amal Lahlou-Loubatières. Head of Institutional Partnerships.- Jean-Pierre Hochet. Head of Department, Development, Partnerships and Communication Department.- Marie-Hélène Amiot. Director of La Maréchalerie.- Valérie Knochel. Purchasing Assistant, Administrative and Financial Department.- Renée-Dominique Levanti. Head of Budgets and Purchase, Administrative and Financial Department.- Sandrine Simon. Head of Internal Services, General Resources Department.- Thierry Boucher. Estate Manager, Direction.- Kévin Lanfant. Digital Communications Officer, Development, Partnerships and Communications Department.- Valentin Pauly. Fabmanager, Development, Partnerships and Communications Department.- Julien Phedyaeff.
14.05 > 13.07.2022.
National School of Architecture of Versailles, 5 Av. de Sceaux, Versailles, France.

Guillaume Ramillien Studio

Guillaume Ramillien Studio. Since 2008, Guillaume Ramillien's studio has been led by their voluntarism, generosity and innovation – projects on various scales, from architecture to those of objects and landscapes, continually nourishing their approach to the specificities of each of these different scales and, of course, their complementarity.

Guided by the notions of intermittency and finiteness of resources in the current context of climatic and ecological upheavals, their proposals strive to enhance the different forms of energy – human and natural – of the places where we operate, all while preserving their balance.

Guillaume Ramillien's studio work is based upon a particular sensitivity to the unique identities of the places under our consideration; a sensitivity fueled by the physical reality of the place, its atmosphere and materiality, and what the place reminds of, and suggests to us. They give a "high priority" to the notion of the environment – whether it be geological, biological, atmospheric or cultural – they consider architecture as an art of qualifying – and often fixing – the ecotones of anthropized environments. By enriching their values, they also view our architecture as an art of manipulating time and atmospheres created by the implementation of materials and energies with visible and invisible qualities – such as sensual, poetic and evocative ones.

Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects

Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects is an architecture office based in Paris and established by Nicolas Dorval-Bory.

Nicolas Dorval-Bory graduated from the Architecture School of Paris Val de Seine. He started his own practice in Paris and has lived in Chile and Argentina from 2009 to 2010. He is teaching weather architecture with Philippe Lahm since 2011 at the Architecture Schools of Normandie and Versailles. His approach, to architecture, could be translated by a very precise encounter and scientific between the atmosphere and space composition. In 2016, he won the the price Naja (Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes).

He has built various projects of rehabilitation, such as the P420 Gallery in Bologne, the Kitsuné Boulevard shop with Studio Henry, and the Onet le Château media library with Raphaël Bétillon, a project nominated in 2014. The office works nowadays in several apartments in Paris and in Italy, a contemporary art fair, two houses in Comores and keeps on being active in international competitions for housing and public buildings.



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