Visual dialogue. XL by Jorge Tárrago Mingo and Antonio José Cidoncha Pérez

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Antonio José Cidoncha Pérez

Antonio J. Cidoncha Pérez is Doctor of Architecture from the University of Navarra, where he investigates and teaches in the Department of Theory, Projects, and Urbanism. Since 2015, he combines his teaching work with the development of projects at Lecumberri & Cidoncha Arquitectos.

Jorge Tárrago Mingo

Jorge Tárrago Mingo is Doctor of Architecture from the University of Navarra and a Professor of the Department of Theory, Projects and Urbanism. He is the author or co-author of other titles such as the Pritzker Awards. Acceptance speeches 1979-2015 (Fundación Arquia: Barcelona, 2015) and the compilation Inter: Photography and Architecture (Pamplona, 2016) awarded at the XIV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2018). He combines teaching and research with independent professional work at alcolea + tarrago Arquitectos.


alcolea+tárrago arquitectos was founded in 2005 by Rubén Alcolea and Jorge Tárrago. The study is set in Pamplona, where they live, work and teach. The office's work has been awarded more than twenty national and international competitions and published in many specialized magazines. Recently they received the Premi AJAC VI (2009) for young architects granted by the Associació de Joves Arquitectes del Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya and they have been selected in the Programa Europe 40 under 40 para Emerging Young Architects and Designers 2010 granted by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

Their academic working and teaching are developed in the Department of Proyectos of the ETS de Arquitectura of the Universidad de Navarra, it has been published in several national and international journals and books. Both are doctorates by Universidad de Navarra and actively collaborate in initiatives such as the Biennale of Latin American Architecture or the Congress of History of Modern Architecture in Spain. Currently they combine teaching, research and professional work independently.

Rubén Alcolea, graduated Architect and PhD at the University of Navarre, Spain, where was graduated with distinction in final Project, and Special National award in architecture studies. Since then on has developed teaching experience in the design and architectural projects in the School of Architecture of the University of Navarre (ETSAUN), as well as coordinating the Cultural Activities and, since 2005, the whole Publication Department.

In 2008-2009 was visiting scholar at the Theories&Histories at the Architectural School of Architecture, London, where also made some research and gave seminars. Specialized in photography and modern architecture, is author of the book “Picnic de Pioneros”, abnd has also published several articles in magazines, read papers in congress and symposiums and given lectures in other cultural associations. Now works both in teaching architecture as well as developing professional practice, where has gained some prizes in competitions of architecture.

Jorge Tárrago, graduated Architect and PHD at the University of Navarre, Spain. Has developed teaching experience and collaborating in theoretical investigation in the Project Department of the School of Architectural. In 2005 gets the PhD. Nowadays is the Studies in Chief Coordinator of the School of Architecture in Pamplona, Spain, and develops, teaching and professional practice.

In 2007 published the book “inhabiting inspiration / building up the myth. Studio-houses for artists in the interwar period”. Has spending short stays in la Fondation Le Corbusier and also as a Visiting Scholar at Columbia School of Architecture, NYC. He has also given lectures in Poitiers, Sydney or Los Angeles. Coordinator of the magazine Ra, Magazine of Architecture. Now works both in teaching architecture as well as developing professional practice, where has gained some prizes in competitions of architecture.

Jokin Lecumberri Larrea, Antonio J. Cidoncha Pérez. Lecumberri - Cidoncha Arquitectos

lecumberri & cidoncha. Architecture firm established by Jokin Lecumberri Larrea, Antonio J. Cidoncha Pérez, in 2015.

Jokin Lecumberri Larrea (Pamplona, 1989) Architect, graduated in 2013 from ETSA of the University of Navarra with Honorary Matriculation in the Final Project of Career and with the distinction of the Extraordinary Prize "Don Luis Moya Blanco". During his university studies he collaborates in the Department of Projects of the ETSAUN, as student collaborator of the subject Elements of Composition (2012-2013). In parallel, he collaborates in the studies Vaillo & Irigaray Arquitectos (Pamplona, 2011-2012) and Francisco Mangado y Asociados (Pamplona, 2012-2014). At the end of his studies, he joined the Francisco Mangado y Asociados architecture studio, where he collaborated in the development of various national and international competitions and execution projects (2013-2014). ​

Antonio J. Cidoncha Pérez (Don Benito, 1989). Architect, graduated in 2013 from ETSA of the University of Navarra with Honor Matrícula in the Final Project of Career. Since 2009, he has collaborated in the Publications and Projects departments of ETSAUN, as a student of Architectural Drawing (2009-2011) and Elements of Composition (2012-2013). Master's Degree in Theory and History of Architecture by ETSAUN in 2014, he holds a doctoral thesis as a fellow of the Association of Friends of the UN, in the doctoral program "History and Critical Analysis of Spanish Architecture of the 20th Century". From 2013-2014, he is an assistant professor of Projects II (18 ECTS) and editorial coordinator of RA Magazine.




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