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Rem Koolhaas was born in Rotterdam in 1944. He began his career as a journalist, working for the Haagse Post, and as a set-designer in the Netherlands and Hollywood. He beganHe frequented the Architectural Association School in London and studied with Oswald Mathias Ungers at Cornell University. In 1978, he wrote Delirious New York: a retroactive manifesto for Manhattan, which has become a classic of contemporary architectural theory. In 1975 – together with Elia and Zoe Zenghelis and Madelon Vriesendorp – he founded OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture).

The most important works by Koolhaas and OMA, from its foundation until the mid-1990s, include the Netherlands Dance Theatre at The Hague, the Nexus Housing at Fukuoka in Japan, the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Grand Palais of Euralille and Lille, the Villa dall’Ava, the Très Grande Bibliothèque, the Jussieu library in Paris, the ZKM in Karlsruhe and the Seattle Public Library.

Together with Koolhaas’s reflections on contemporary society, these buildings appear in his second book, S,M,L,XL (1995), a volume of 1376 pages written as though it were a “novel about architecture”. Published in collaboration with the Canadian graphic designer, Bruce Mau, the book contains essays, manifestos, cartoons and travel diaries.

In 2005, with Mark Wigley and Ole Bouman, he was the founder to the prestigious Volume magazine, the result of a collaboration with Archis (Amsterdam), AMO and C-lab (Columbia University NY).

His built work includes the Qatar National Library and the Qatar Foundation Headquarters (2018), Fondation Galeries Lafayette in Paris (2018), Fondazione Prada in Milan (2015/2018), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2015), the headquarters for China Central Television (CCTV) in Beijing (2012), Casa da Musica in Porto (2005), Seattle Central Library (2004), and the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin (2003). Current projects include the Taipei Performing Arts Centre, a new building for Axel Springer in Berlin, and the Factory in Manchester.

Koolhaas directed the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale and is a professor at Harvard University, where he directs The Project on the City, a research programme on changes in urban conditions around the world. This programme has conducted research on the delta of the Pearl River in China (entitled Great Leap Forward) and on consumer society (The Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping). Taschen Verlag has published the results. Now is preparing a major exhibition for the Guggenheim museum to open in 2019 entitled Countryside: Future of the World.

Among the awards he has won in recent years, we mention here the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize (2000), the Praemium Imperiale (2003), the Royal Gold Medal (2004) and the Mies Van Der Rohe prize (2005). In 2008, Time mentioned him among the 100 most influential people of the planet.

OMA. Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is a leading international partnership practising architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. OMA's buildings and masterplans around the world insist on intelligent forms while inventing new possibilities for content and everyday use. OMA is led by eight partners – Rem Koolhaas, Reinier de Graaf, Ellen van Loon, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, Chris van Duijn, Jason Long, and Managing Partner-Architect David Gianotten – and maintains offices in Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Doha, and Australia.

OMA-designed buildings currently under construction are the renovation of Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) in Berlin, The Factory in Manchester, Hangzhou Prism, the CMG Times Center in Shenzhen and the Simone Veil Bridge in Bordeaux.

OMA’s completed projects include Taipei Performing Arts Centre (2022), Norra Tornen in Stockholm (2020), Axel Springer Campus in Berlin (2020), MEETT Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre (2020), Galleria in Gwanggyo (2020), nhow RAI Hotel in Amsterdam (2020), a new building for Brighton College (2020), and Potato Head Studios in Bali (2020). Earlier buildings include Fondazione Prada in Milan (2018), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2015), Fondazione Prada in Milan (2015); G-Star Headquarters in Amsterdam (2014); Shenzhen Stock Exchange (2013); De Rotterdam (2013), CCTV Headquarters in Beijing (2012), New Court, the headquarters for Rothschild Bank in London (2011); Milstein Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (2011); and Maggie's Centre, a cancer care centre in Glasgow (2011). Earlier buildings include Casa da Música in Porto (2005), Seattle Central Library (2004), and Netherlands Embassy in Berlin (2003).

Yann Kersalé

Yann Kersalé, born in 1955, graduated from the Quimper School of Fine Arts in 1978 by achieving the Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique. Using light, as others may use clay or paint, he picks nighttime - most sensitive of all backgrounds -as his sphere of experimentation. With an extraordinary creative vitality, Kersalé has since produced hundreds of projects In Situ and Expéditions-Lumière amongst others, a luminous encephalogram of the ocean, the highjack of high technology objects, and intervened on art pieces or mythical architectural works. The most prestigious architects have appealed to him. Helmut Jahn commissioned the lighting of the Sony Centre in Berlin, the airports of Bangkok. For Jean Nouvel, he designed the red pulsations for the skylight of the Lyons Opera House, the lighting of the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, and of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona. Opposed to the brutal sodium illumination that disfigures monuments, he conceives luminous fictions, narrative works on the soul and history of towns such as Nantes and Rennes as well as the harbour of Saint Nazaire. Such work has required the invention of new lighting concepts: Objets-lumière such as luminous transplants, weightless objects that play on rhythmic components, on appearances, poetic projects with multiple references, in which Kersalé’s spirit of freedom and provocation are always perceptible. In 2008, the studio is currently creating a light architecture for Brussels’ Grand Place in the event of the European Cultural Season, a light itinerary in Angers, in Enghien-les-Bains, in Luxemburg and lighting the Docks de Paris with Jakob and Mc Farlane, or more the Philharmonie de Paris, the Copenhagen concert hall and the Louvre in Abu Dhabi with Jean Nouvel. And last but not least with Helmut Jahn, projects are carried out in Qatar, in Germany and in Washington. Recently, Yann Kersalé has intervened on the Gennevilliers Theater, in Bordeaux on the cours Victor Hugo, in Nice with the creation of light sculpture for the tramway, in Bonn for the Deutsche Post, in Seoul on the Peace Passerelle with Rudy Ricciotti, in Japan, Portugal, Greece…



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