45º North 8ºEast. Architecture in scale 1:1

45º North 8ºEast. Architecture in scale 1:1
Workshop. [GALLARATE - Varese] Lombardy - Italy. 15 th/25th April 2012
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
The small scale architecture leads to a wider and more powerful meaning of the idea of sustainability, going beyond the experimentation of new materials and technologies, embracing concepts like correct and gradually social-economic development.

In the open space of the MAGA museum, in Gallarate, the participants will design and build a 1:1 scale architecture. A sensorial pavilion for experience the power of the architectonic space. it will stay, as a permanent equipment of the museum, as a space special happenings.

The workshop is open to students of the Master Extraordinary Landscape, and to recently italian and foreign graduated students.

The deadline for the submisións of interest is due to 10th April 2012.


SAMI RINTALA e DAGUER EGGERTSSON will be part of the workshop.