A hidden gem in Madrid. Parque Móvil del Estado by Ambrosio Arroyo Alonso

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Ambrosio Arroyo Alonso.
Jesús Prieto Rincón and Félix Arroyo García, military engineers.
Plot area.- approx. 26,700 sqm. GFA.- 76,782 sqm.
Creation of the Parque Móvil del Estado in 1935 as "Parque  Móvil  de  Ministerios  Civiles,  Vigilancia  y  Seguridad / Mobile Park of Civil Ministries, Surveillance and Security", to later begin to be built as a Ministerial Mobile Park (PMM), in 1940.
Design.- 1942.
First phase of construction.- 1942.
Second phase of construction.- 1943 to 1946.
Completion of the repair after fire on the first floor in 1948 and collapse of the roof due to snow. Completion of repairs, in 1951.
Renovation.- 2010.
Open House.- 24.09 to 26.09.2021.
Cea Bermúdez Street, 5, Madrid, Spain.
Courtesy of Parque Movil del Estado, Michelle Álvarez / © METALOCUS.

Ambrosio Arroyo Alonso

Ambrosio Arroyo Alonso, a native of Palencia, Spain, was an architect of great importance in the mid-20th century. He studied at the Cardenal Cisneros Institute in Madrid (1919 -1921). He stands out for his projects in public works.

He is the author of works such as: the Parque Móvil del Estado de Madrid, the Plaza de toros de Brihuega or the Delegación de Hacienda de Tarragona. His works were published in the most important national architecture magazines of the time, such as the 1951 National Architecture magazine.
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