A new journey through history. San Isidoro Museum by Frade Arquitectos

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Project team
Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade, Javier García-Vaquero, Elena Freire, Jorge Rodríguez.
Fundación Montemadrid.
Pablo Gomez-Ogando.

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade. Frade Arquitectos

Frade Arquitectos was established in 2005 by Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade. Their purpose is to create a fluent dialogue between the architecture and its context, offering a contemporary response to complex programs, and stimulating sensibility with the selective combination of material, texture, light, and scent that envelops the space.  

They understand architecture as a result of multiple variables pursuing the combination of functional demands and timeless artistic values based on energy efficiency and responsible use of natural resources. An essential part of their design process is the active involvement of their clients, lending uniqueness and authenticity to each project.  

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade (b. in Madrid, 1957) architect from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, 1983. has participated in numerous lectures, masters and international exhibitions and his projects have been published in industry magazines and publications.

  • Distinguished Cross First Order of San Raimundo de Peñafort. 2022.
  • National Prize of Renovation and Heritage Conservation. 1995. Carlos V Palace. Alhambra.
  • AMMA Prize. 1st Accésit. 2021. Imago Mundi Exhibition. Sevilla.
  • Hispania Nostra Prize. 2021. Real Maestranza Museum. Ronda.
  • European Museum of the Year. Finalist. 2018. Málaga Museum, Málaga.
  • Expansion Prize. 2016. National Archaeological Museum, Madrid.
  • Aga Khan Prize. 2010. Madinat Al-Zahra. Córdoba.
  • Piranesi Prix de Rome Prize. 2011. Madinat Al-Zahra. Córdoba.
  • European Museum of the Year. 2012. Madinat Al-Zahra. Córdoba.
  • COAM Prize. 2014. National Archaeological Museum, Madrid.



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