A new, more sustainable model. Mississippi Workshop by Waechter Architecture

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Waechter Architecture. Lead architect.- Ben Waechter.
Project team
Project Manager.-  Alexis Coir.
Project Architect.- Giovanni Sidari
Designer.- Duncan Scovil.
Architecture, Interiors, Construction Manager.- Waechter Architecture.
Mass Timber Fabrication.- KLH Massivholz (USA / Austria).
Mass Timber Installation.- Mustang Ridge.
Civil and Structural Engineer.- KPFF.
Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer.- PAE.
Code / Fire Protection.- Code Unlimited.
Construction Management.- Owen Gabbert LLC, Cutwater Design & Build Solutions.
Landscaping.- Cistus Nursery.
4224 N Mississippi LLC.
9,950 sqm.
Portland, Oregon, USA.
Lara Swimmer (building).
Jeremy Bittermann (aerials).
Sam Gehrke (event).
David Papazian (model).

Ben Waechter. Waechter Architecture

Waechter Architecture (WA) is an interdisciplinary design practice based in Portland, Oregon, USA, founded by Ben Waechter architect, in 2008.

Ben Waechter worked locally and internationally with leaders in architecture including Allied Works Architecture (Portland, OR) and world-renowned architect Renzo Piano (Genoa, Italy). Ben is an award-winning and published designer whose principles lie in providing bold forms arrived at through exercises in concept, distillation, and intelligent programming. His experience includes a wide range of building types: cultural, hospitality, commercial, and multi-family and single-family residential.

In 2019, the Architecture League of New York recognized the firm with its Emerging Voices Award, and in 2022, Waechter Architecture received the Firm Award from AIA Northwest & Pacific Region.



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