A retreat outside the city. Flowing Cloud Township Villa by MDO

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Design team
Da Gao, Szuniang Tseng, Carlo Alberto Follo, Yabin Yao, Kelsey Alexander, Yanping Tang, Shengnan Xia, Haiyan Peng, Zhiyuan Wang, Jiacheng Que, Di Chang.
Design Director.- Justin Bridgland, Jaycee Chui.
1300 sqm.
Qinglongwu, Xiekengkou, Luci Village, Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou, China.
Zhi Xia, Xun Zheng, Zhao A, Andy He.

Justin Bridgland, Jaycee Chui. MDO - More Design Office

MDO is an award winning interior and architecture practice based in Shanghai founded by Jaycee Chui and Justin Bridgland in 2014. The office approach is highly spatial, exploring scale and proportion, and creating journeys and stories rich in detail, material and light.

MDO works with high-end residential, exhibition centres, hospitality and office projects, and clients include the top Chinese residential developers. Their projects are in mainland China, HK, Edinburgh and the Middle East and have received international recognition. Today the office works at different scales and disciplines including interior and architectural design, lighting, furniture and graphic design. This multi-disciplinary approach allows MDO to pursue a holistic vision to their projects.

With backgrounds from Hong Kong and the UK, they excel at integrating different cultural contexts into designs. And they emphasize the notion of "transformation" in design practice and work to create diverse experiences via the combination of space and emotion.

Jaycee Chui
An ARB qualified Architect and interior designer, Jaycee has over 16 years of experience in London, Hong Kong and China. Her international background fused in Eastern and Western cultures, helps to develop the practice across China. Her approach focuses on the emotional response to space and design and the beauty of everyday space.

Justin Bridgland
RIBA Chartered architect from London with over 17 years of experience working on award winnings projects in London, China and the Middle East. His work is sculptural, focusing on scale and proportion and the use of light. His projects are highly detailed, emphasizing the relationship between concept and craftsmanship.



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