Transform and Rethink by Hu Yue Studio. The courtyard as the epicentre

Transform and Rethink by Hu Yue Studio. The courtyard as the epicentre
[Beijing] China
metalocus, SARA NÁJAR
Transform and Rethink by Hu Yue Studio. Photograph © Yang Chaoying and Chen Su
Under the leading 'Transform and Rethink', Hu Yue Studio proposes a rehabilitation of the traditional courtyard houses of China.
The Hu Yue Studio project aims to blend the traditional culture of Beijing's courtyard houses with contemporary culture through a series of punctual rehabilitation operations on some residential courtyards.

Description of the project by Hu Yue Studio

Transform and Rethink. This project includes the transformation in No. 8 Courtyard and No. 19 Courtyard, and also an installation in No. 8 Courtyard, on CaochangSitiao, Qianmen, Beijing, China.

Transform. During the transformation, architects concern the daily lives in the normal houses. It makes the courtyard dwellings continue with its ordinary mission after the transformation.

The traditional Beijing courtyard dwelling is designed with a peaceful inner yard and rooms around in good lighting and ventilation condition. However, these characteristics have been disappearing along with the exceeding population expansion and additional construction in more

Hu Yue Studio
Design Team
Hu Yue, Tai Fangqing, Jiang Ran, Wu Hanc
heng, Zhao Mochao
No.8 and No.19, 4th CaochangHutong, Dong
cheng District, Beijing
Height.- 5 m
Design.- May 2015 - October 2015 Comple
tion.- December 2015

Yue Studio

Hu Yue Studio is one of the first separated studios in BIAD. BIAD is one of the most well-known brands in the industry of national civil building design which possess splendid achievements and abundant comprehensive technical strength. Huyue Studio have participated and designed a great number of challenging projects in recent years. Among them, Beijing Wukesong Stadium, Wukesong more