Actitud. Anne Lacaton y Jean-Philippe Vassal in conversation with Patrice Goulet

Actitud. Anne Lacaton y Jean-Philippe Vassal in conversation with Patrice Goulet
[Editorial Gustavo Gili] Barcelona
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA
Cover. Actitud. Lacaton & Vassal. Image courtesy of Editorial Gustavo Gili
The book that we leave bellow collect the conversations that the duo of French architects, Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal, maintains with Patrice Goulet.
"Actitud" is added to GG collection that already has titles dedicated to Juhani Pallasmaa (Habitar), Francesco Careri (Pasear, Detenerse), Pier Vittorio Aureli (Menos es suficiente).

The small book includes four texts by two architects who have been able to combine a popular architectural culture loaded with common sense with all the baggage of the history of modern architecture.

This book brings together for the first time several writings by Lacaton & Vassal, the pair of French architects who, since breaking into the international architectural scene in the early 1990s, have become an inescapable reference to a way of making architecture that prefers the ethics and the economy in front of the spectacularity of the star architect. Its attitude towards architecture, which has become an inescapable reference for several generations of architects, prioritizes the real needs of users against aesthetic decisions, offers more space for the same price and proposes to rehabilitate before demolish and rebuild.

Despite of the little that these architects prodigy writing and the programmatic nature of their texts, this book brings together a series of writings in which, far from any personalistic rhetoric, the architects not only reflect on their more
Anne Lacaton, Jean-Philippe Vassal
Susana Landrove Bossut
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Lacaton & Vassal

Anne LACATON was born in France in 1955. She graduated from the School of architecture of Bordeaux in 1980, and got a diploma in Urban Planning at the university of Bordeaux in 1984. She is teaching as a visiting professor at the University of Madrid since 2007, and was invited in 2011 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne, as well as in Harvard GSD Studio in Paris in 2011. more