Blurred traces of past beauty for a new photographic studio. Utter Space by Cun Design

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Project team
Chief designer.- CUI Shu. Coordination designer.- MA Chuan, ZHAO Yang, JIAO yunqi, WANG xu.
LIU Zongyuan.
1000 m².
Furniture art.- Back to the 20th Century. Main material.- Marble, latex paint, wood veneer, iron plate, self-leveling cement.
A607 Cultural and Creative Park, No. 1 Banbidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
WANG Ting, LIU Zongyuan.

Cui Shu. CUN Design

Cui Shu founder of CUN Design in 2010, is a diversified and professional team formed by a group of multidisciplinary young designers. Cun design proposes the concept of enterprise operation space. It is the first space design team in China who combines the concepts of artistic creativity, technology office and green office to fulfill the efficiency of corporate office. Cun Design focus on boutique hotel, creative office, real estate, sample room, etc. They don't limited to one specification, they live for the sake of design.

Cui Shu, was National champion of Chinese Design Elites of 2015, Executive advisor of Chinese Design Elites, Member of The Art Display & Decoration Committee of China of CBDA. Premio de diseño A + Global Architizer 2017. Premio Italia A'Design 2017. Premio de diseño espacial 2017 Taiwán TID.



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