Space Design of Elephant-Parade Office-the world's leading marketing agency by CUN Design

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CUN Design
Design Team
Chief designer.- Cui Shu
4,100 m²
Jorge Villacis Gabriela Cuesta
Design Time.- 2017 Completion time.- 2017
Main materials
moso bamboo, cement slabs, dyed oak

Cui Shu. CUN Design

CUN Design founded in 2010, which is a diversified and professional team made up by new power young designers. CUN Design focus on boutique hotel, creative office, sample room. We don’t limited to one specification, we live for the sake of design.

Cui Shu
Founder of CUN Design in 2010, was National champion of Chinese Design Elites of 2015, Executive advisor of Chinese Design Elites, Member of The Art Display & Decoration Committee of China of CBDA. Premio de diseño A + Global Architizer 2017. Premio Italia A'Design 2017. Premio de diseño espacial 2017 Taiwán TID



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