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Carlos Veloso AVA Architects

The atelier had beginning of professional activity in 1996, is created in 1999 society Carlos Veloso - Arquitecto, Lda. and is reorganized in 2007 with the current designation of AVA - Atelier Veloso Architects. The effective production the Municipal Theater of Guarda is highlighted, work nominated for diverse international prizes (ENOR 2005; FAD - Awards 2006; Mies van der Rohe Awards 2006; Prize SECIL 2006). In the scope of the public habitation is to refer to 1º Prize in Competition I.N.H./EUROPAN, for young architects “To innovate in the Habitation - to construct the city - Passeio das Virtudes, Porto, in 1998 (execution project) and 1º Prize in the competition of architecture for a building of Collective Habitation the Controlled Costs in the Lapa, Porto, in 1996 (Constructed) developed in co-authorship. In the equipment field schools also S. Miguel de Nevogilde to refer to 1.º Prize in the Competition of architecture limited for invitation for elaboration of School EB1 S. + JI (in elaboration) and in the competition of architecture limited for invitation for elaboration of the Educational Center of the Antas (in construction) both of GOP - cm of Porto. Currently, the project of execution of the Unit of Health was concluded, Santo Tirso (1.º Prize in the Competition of architecture limited for invitation, 2009) developed in co-authorship. The atelier has been invited to participate in diverse publications and exhibitions, namely in the sample “To inhabit Portugal 2003-2005”, in Triennial of Lisbon Architecture the 2007 “EUROPE, Portuguese Architecture and Emission” and more recently finalist for the Ibero-American Biennial VIª of Architecture and Urbanismo (BIAU) 2008.




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