Renovated Boa Nova Casa de Chá by Siza, now Restaurant by Chef Rui Paula

Renovated Boa Nova Casa de Chá by Siza, now Restaurant by Chef Rui Paula
Photography by Joao Morgado. [Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos] Portugal
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Roof detail. Renovated Boa Nova Casa de Chá by Siza. Photography © Joao Morgado
The portuguese architect Alvaro Siza has renovated ‘the Boa Nova Casa de Chá / Boa Nova Tea House’, a project completed in 1963. The building, which has been fully renovated, now serves as a Restaurant leaded by Chef Rui Paula.

It will open as a restaurant only but outside meals period it will be possible to visit the building with guided tours held by Association Casa da Arquitectura.

Description of project

The Boa Nova Tea House was designed following a competition held in 1956 by the city council and won by Portuguese architect Fernando Tavora. After choosing a site on the cliffs of the Matosinhos seashore, Tavora turned the project over to his collaborator, Alvaro Siza. One of Siza’s first built projects, it is significant that the restaurant is not far from the town of Matosinhos where the architect grew up, and set in a landscape that he was intimately familiar with. It was still possible in Portugal of the 1960s to make architecture by working in close contact with the more


Álvaro Joaquim Melo Siza Vieira was born in Matosinhos (near Porto), in 1933. From 1949-55 he studied at the School of Architecture, University of Porto. His first built project was finished in 1954. From 1955-58 he was collaborator of Arch. Fernando Távora. He taught at the School of Architecture (ESBAP) from 1966-69 and was appointed Professor of "Construction" in 1976. He was a Visiting Professor at the more