Camouflaged with the forest. Buen Retiro, Rural House Renovation by Dario Castellino

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Structural Works Designer.- Eretika, Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN),ing. Ivano Menso. Heating System Designer.- Studio Tecno, Cuneo (CN), ing. Emanuele Dutto and arch. Alice Lusso.
Water and Sanitary System Installation.- Termoigienica, Cavallermaggiore (CN).
Electrical System Installation.- Alen Impianti Elettrici, Giordano Alen, Boves (CN).
Furniture/Interior Design and Implementation.- Paolo Sasia, artisan.
Project Area.- 1845 sqm.
Gross Building Area.- 84 sqm.
Covered Area.- 100 sqm.
Cuneo, Italy.
Wood and CalceLegnoCanapa®.- Segheria Pedona, Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN).
Furniture.- Bensa Arredamenti, Vignolo (CN).
Sanitary Ware.- Idroterm, Cuneo (CN).
Glass and Fixtures.- Tecnovetro Macario, Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN).
Fixtures.- La Casa del Legno di Sibilli Osvaldo, Aisone (CN).
Stove.- P&P Prandi Caminetti, Dronero (CN).
Floor Resins.- To Be Resine.

Dario Castellino

Dario Castellino was born in Cuneo in 1965 and graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Turin in 1993. In 1994, he founded his eponymous studio, which focuses on architectural design, restoration, urban redevelopment, recovery of religious buildings, museum setups, and the design of residential and tertiary buildings for both public and private clients.

He has been involved in the restoration of the former textile factory for the Tucci Russo Contemporary Art Gallery, the restoration of Roccasparvera Castle and the Church of S. Paolo in Caraglio, the recovery of Fortezza Albertina in Vinadio, the enhancement of Linari Castle, the recovery of alpine hamlets including Paraloup, Campofei and Ferriere, the creation of the Victor Salvi Harp Museum, the redevelopment of the squares in Demonte and Treiso, some wine cellars in the Langhe region, and dozens of residential construction projects.

He has collaborated with internationally renowned artists and engaged in teaching activities as a contract lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Turin. Some of his works have been featured in architecture magazines and books.



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