Center for the elderly "Antonio Mingote" by Mariluz Sánchez Moral + padilla nicás arquitectos

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Mariluz Sánchez Moral + Padilla Nicás Arquitectos.
Project team
Technical architect in project and work.- Gema Campillo Baños.
Alicia Peña, Julio Olóriz, Patricia Gutiérrez. Structures.- Bernabéu Ingenieros. Installations.- Energy Systems. Measurements and budget.- Dirección General de Arquitectura y Conservación del Patrimonio.
5,334 sqm.
Project.- 2017-2019. Construction.- 2019-2020.
St. Vallehermoso, 47, Madrid, Spain.

Francisco José Padilla - Juan Manuel Nicás padilla nicás arquitectos

Francisco José Padilla Alonso (Madrid 1971) and Juan Manuel Nicás Caballero (Jaen 1975) formed padilla nicás in 2003 after meeting at Rafael Moneo´s office, where they worked as partners on various projects in Spain and the USA.

Currently their professional work combines design commissions at different scales, competitions and occasional teaching activities.

Francisco José Padilla, architectural license received from the ETSAM in 1997, began his career in the architectural firms of Andrés Perea, Pedro Feduchi and Ángel Fernández Alba before joining Rafael Moneo.

Juan Manuel Nicás, architectural license received from the ETSAG in 1999 with the National Prize for the Thesis Project, with a scholarship to the Academy of Spain in Rome before joining Rafael Moneo.

Mariluz Sánchez

Mariluz Sánchez (1965), architect of the Public Treasury, graduated in Law and since 2008 architect of the Madrid City Council.

He develops both projects in existing buildings, reforms and renovations (highlighting the intervention carried out in the Beti Jai Frontón) as well as a new plant. His career is characterized especially by the recovery of the architectural heritage of the city of Madrid with the aim of putting it at the service of citizens.



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