The cities of the Italian Futurism

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Antonio Pizza (Foggia, Italy, 1957) is an architect and Professor of History of Art and Architecture at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB-UPC). He specializes in the relationship between culture and architecture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with the modern city as a central theme of his reflections. He was founder and director of CRC Architecture Gallery (Barcelona, 1985-1987) and founder and editor of the journal 3ZU: Journal d'architecture (Barcelona, 1993-1995).

He has curated various exhibitions; among them: J.Ll. Sert and the Mediterranean with J. Freixa and J.M. Rovira, Col.legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Barcelona (1997); A.C. G.A.T.E.P.A.C. 1931-1937 with E. Granell, J.M. Rovira and J.A. Sanz, Reina Sofia National Museum of Art, Madrid (2008); Depero and the futuristic reconstruction of the universe, Fundació La Pedrera, Barcelona (2013).

He has edited these exhibitions' respective catalogs, and won the 2007 FAD Prize in the category of thought and critical of the GATCPAC, 1928-1939 catalog: nova architecture per a una nova ciutat. He has published books like The construction of the past. Reflections on history, art and architecture (Madrid, 2000),  Depero i futuristic reconstructio de l'univers (Foundation Catalunya-La Pedrera, Barcelona, 2013) and Chicago. La città dei grattacieli (1871-1922) (Edizioni Unicopli, Milan, 2013). The cities of Italian Futurism. Life and modern art: Milan, Paris, Berlin, Rome (1909-1915) (Barcelona, 2014) or Inhabitants of the abyss. Literature, art and criticism in the Paris of Baudelaire (Madrid, 2017), among others.




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