by Holger Lippmann
Trees by Holger Lippmann
‘Nebel Wald’, meaning Cloud Forest is a series of generative trees created by Holger Lippmann. Berlin born who lived and studied in Paris, New York now lives and works in Berlin. Created with Processing.

"Deep inside i’m a painter and i always was. so i see my work best described in the traditional context of painting. the focus is on the development of an image and color composition…… I like to compare my work process to dancing or improvising music.

... It’s kind of a simple tree branching – recursion – algorithm, which I assembled together with more and more finely adjusted parameters of position, size, alfa… and much fuzz about light and dark and color. Since I come from painting finally the process of actively generating, is very much the same as I would stand in front of my easel, …stepping back, ..looking, …holding the head slanted…, the inner process of creating a composition is anyway the very same…, thats why I prefere to call it “digital painting” or “e-painting”…"