Colour, Identity and shade for Dandaji Daily Market by atelier masōmī

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atelier masomi. Architect in Charge.- Mariam Kamara
Design team
Mariam Kamara, Harouna Diallo.
Entreprise Salou Alpha & Fils
Village of Dandaji
7530,0 m²

Mariam Kamara

Mariam Kamara obtained her Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington. In 2013, she became a founding member of united4design, a global collective of architects working on projects in the U.S., Afghanistan and Niger. This led to her founding atelier masōmī in 2014, an architecture and research firm through which she tackles a wide variety of public, cultural, residential, commercial and urban design projects.

Her work is guided by the belief that architects have an important role to play in thinking spaces that have the power to elevate, dignify, and provide a better quality of life. Through her practice, Mariam aims to discover innovative ways of doing so, while maintaining an intimate dialog between architecture, people, and context.



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