Common parallelism. AER La Pampa Building by Cubero Rubio arquitectos

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Cubero Rubio Arquitectos.- Juan Pedro Rubio, Agustín Cubero.
Design team
Gabriel Schesak, Brian Gorban, Juan Pablo Castellano, Maia Lax, Romina Garino, María Pellegrini.
Interior design.-Plan Arquitectura.
4480,00 m².
Abelson.-Sanitary. Armaferro.-Steel, Concrete structures. Abertec.-Openings. Ctibor Ceramic.-Bricks. RJO.-Demolition. Houses.-Concrete elaborated. Barvial.-Excavation. FADE Ingeniería SRL.-Plumbing. Metalúrgica Potenza S.A.-Metal doors. Forti.-Crystals. Palermo Materials.-Construction materials. Distribuidora Norte S.A..-Construction materials. Energy Safe.-Electric ovens and stoves. Moncalieri.-Venetian glass mosaic. Marmolería Bustamante SRL.-Marbles. Couceiro S.A..-Lifts. Quitral.-Electric radiant floor and air conditioners. SE-CO Waterproof systems and solutions.-Waterproofing. Vagol Sawmill.-Deck Wood. The Flooring Company.-Floating floor. Vigorita.-Vinyl floor.
La Pampa 4315, between Mariano Acha and Donado, Villa Urquiza, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ramiro Sosa Fotografía.

Juan Pedro Rubio, Agustín Cubero. Cubero Rubio arquitectos

Cubero Rubio, is a studio created as a collaborative team of professionals dedicated to the development, project, direction, management and administration of architectural works, founded by the architect Juan Pedro Rubio and the civil engineer Agustín Cubero.

Juan Pedro Rubio has been an architect from the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo of the University of Buenos Aires since September 2009, with a Postgraduate Degree in Real Estate Project Development and a Master's Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from the same university.

Agustín Cubero is Civil Engineer graduated from the Facultad de Ingeniería of the University of Buenos Aires since April 2008, also to holding the title of Directors of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from the Argentine Institute of Business since September 2016.

The studio has managed to develop great capabilities in generating projects with cutting-edge design and, simultaneously, great rigor in all the internal processes applied to their development.



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