Community building, garden and parking by SSS

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Spanish Studio of Space (José Durán Fernández + Daniel Moreno Ruiz)
Project Manager: Marc Serrano Rosón, Technical Architect; Structure calculation: Joaquín Abellán García, Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports; Air conditioning: José María Cerezo Ramírez, Industrial Engineer; Electrical installation: Ingeniería Proyectos Jano
Disco ON (Disco + Landscaping)
Lorquí (Murcia)
1136 m² (New building) + 713 m² (Rehabilitation) + 5.150 m² (Jardines de Levante) + 2.500 m² (Jardines de Poniente) + 11.000 m² (Parking) + 3.150 m² (Urbanization)
Ring: 1.300 € /m²; House: 750 € /m²; Gardens: € 135 /m²; Parking: 90 € /m²; Urbanization: 80 € /m².

SSS Spanish Studio of Space

SSS is a multidisciplinary architecture study of architects and town planners, and supported by engineers and professionals from different specialties and fields.  In SSS, they consider that the architect is a total space creator, fully prepared to rebuild the past and to build the future world. Since 2002 his research, teaching and professional practice has been focus on five simultaneous and complementary directions: Contemporary and experimental housing; Community buildings; Urban Regeneration; City and landscape; Object design; Humanitarian projects.

José Durán Fernández

José Durán Fernández is a degree in Architecture from Universidad Politécnica of Valencia in 2002. Distinction in Thesis Project. He did his PhD about the “megalopolis phenomenon” in the Department of Architectural Design at the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, with Excellent Cum Laude. Since 2006 he have been Associate Professor in the Department of Projects of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and throughout the years I taught at the Course Project 4 and 5 in the fifth grade and Final Project in Hilberseimer Laboratory. In 2005 he co-founded Studio of Spanish Architecture (SSS).

Daniel Moreno Ruiz

Daniel Moreno Ruiz is a bachelor´s degree in Building Engineering (Project Manager) at the School of Building Management of Valencia in 1997 and Thesis Project at the Horsens Polytechnic of Denmark in the Department of Building Design and Technology. Degree in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia in 2003 and Thesis Project at the “ÉcoleNationaleSupérieured’Architecture de Paris La Villette”, France, in the Department of “Architecture, Environment et Development Durable”. In 2005 he co-founded Studio of Spanish Space (SSS).



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