Development of the public space around the Basilica of Saint Sernin by Joan Busquets (BAU)

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BAU (B - Arquitectura i urbanisme). Architects.- Joan Busquets, Pieter-Jan Versluys, Linus Nordström.
Design team
BAU (Lead consultant) – MDP – LEA – Egis.
MDP.- Michel Desvigne, Enrico Ferraris, Carla Greco.
Egis.- Jean-Michel Anjuere, Jean-Charles Chenac.
LEA.- Laurent Fachard, Christine Badinier.
Toulouse Métropole.
18,260 m².
Commission - design.- 2015.
Works.- 2017.
Completed.- 2019 - 2020.
43.607029°, 1.443974°. Pl. Saint-Sernin, 31000 Toulouse, France.

Joan Busquets. BAU (B-Arquitectura i Urbanisme s.l.)

BAU (B-Arquitectura i Urbanisme s.l.), is a design office for urban planning, urban design and architecture based in Barcelona, established by Joan Busquets. Over the last 30 years, BAU has established itself as an international practice with a team of 20 collaborators from different disciplines; urban planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects and engineers.

BAU has participated in strategic urban planning and design for the cities of The Hague, Delft, Geneva, Rotterdam, Toledo, Lisbon, Barcelona and Toulouse among others around the world like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo and Montreal —most involving public-private partnerships—having also completed architecture projects for the modern centre of Trento, Italy; Villanova, Spain; and Barcelona’s Fair Trade among others.

BAU has an extended experience in academic and field research, as well as a long-term practice in Urban and Architectural Design, with particular experience in the implementation on the European level of complex urban projects on derelict infrastructural sites and the development of a diversity of intermediate scale residential urban projects.

BAU is used to working outside Spain by collaborating with local teams from different countries (Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, China, etc.).



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