Different levels of privacy, luminosity and opacity. YPY 1731 Building by Arqtipo, Paola Castelnuovo

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Arqtipo. Architects.- Diego Aceto, Darío Litvinoff. Paola Castelnuovo.
Project team
Architect responsible in charge.- Paola Castelnuovo, María Cecilia Giménez, Daiana Benítez. Project manager.- Lucas Gorroño.
Germán Capiello, Catarina Staric, Leonardo Pulzoni. Structuralist.- Pablo Lulkin.
Built area.- 1141 sqm.
2017 – 2021.
Corralón tramontana AST materiales para la construcción. Carpinterías Construser Alvear. Hormigón elaborado Ing. Casas. Ascensores micromac. Fabrica de ladrillos La Marisa. Artefactos de iluminación – pana iluminación. Sanitarios San Martín. Hornos eléctricos y Anafes Longvie. Griferías Hydros.
Yapeyú 1731, Partido de San Martin - Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Diego Aceto, Darío Litvinoff, Alejandro Camp. Arqtipo

Arqtipo. The name of the studio arises from a linguistic operation of the word Archetype (representation, image or scheme that serves as a permanent model) and can also be understood as the conjunction between architecture and typology (understood from its genealogical sense, that is, studio, classification, and especially the operation on known types as a tool to generate knowledge). The studio is led by Diego Aceto, Darío Litvinoff, Alejandro Camp, architects and  Germán Cappiello.

Their intention is to generate an architecture that interprets the needs of society, promotes reflection on what is established and challenges them in an almost experimental search in each project.



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