EMOTICONS x m² by Patricia Camet. Small objects vs Big ideas

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Galería Ponce + Robles. Alameda, 5. 28014 Madrid. Spain
From 4 September to 25 October 2018.

Patricia Camet

Patricia Camet is a Peruvian sculptor and ceramist born in New York in 1960. She graduated in Art at the Rhode Island School of Design. His work is developed around a deep reflection on the problems caused by our patterns of excessive consumption and the impact that this has on the environment, as well as on the new forms of communication at present. Camet is an archaeologist of the present; Collect, select and intervene iconic objects of popular culture, which gives new meanings. Sanctify everyday objects and landscapes that are familiar and reveals with poetry the challenges of our accelerated lives. Fun, tender but with a great deal of irony and conductive of a scathing critique, the works of Patricia Camet are in turn a kind of pedagogical lesson of universal scope.

Patricia Camet's work has been seen in galleries and prestigious museums around the world, such as the London's Gallery of Art galleries or the Lefebvre et Fils in Paris or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile or the Museum of Art of Lime. Some of his pieces are part of public collections such as the Royal Museum of Art and History of Brabant (Belgium), the Luciano Benetton Foundation, Imago Mundi - Andean Eye (Italy) or the Museum of the Nation of Lima (Peru), as well as from the private collections of personalities such as Mario Testino.



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