ENDLESS. landscape observatory

ENDLESS. landscape observatory
by IVAN JUÁREZ. [site- specific intervention at the Joya Honda crater. Desert of México (Tropic of Cancer)] México
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Photograph © Ivan Juárez
The projects conceived in my studio, started with the will of creating spaces from which I could reflect, research, and act in different fields of contemporary culture. From the beginning I have never conceived architecture just as a specialization, but architecture as a wider vision of understanding and questioning the environment that surrounds us, in which every project can enrich itself through diverse views and disciplines.


 The work created in my studio doesn’t start only from architecture but is nourished by different sources: cinema, music, dance, painting, or literature are, in many occasions, what give guidelines to my spaces.

For me every project has always been a constant search, I don’t have a predetermined system or repeat a former project, but in each new project I want to be able to discover and experiment new possibilities. In this way each project has a special character that opens me diverse possibilities to do the next one. Each project is a window that opens and drives me to another.

Iván Juárez, Barcelona, 2009


Endless. landscape observatory.

Site- specific intervention at the Joya Honda crater. Desert of México (Tropic of Cancer)

Ser el desierto es ser la vida que no cesa de seguir adelante.
El desierto no es el vacío sino el esfuerzo denodado, la
paciencia infinita, el gozo de lo poco y lo breve

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Ivan Juarez, is a member of the National System of Art Creators through the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA). He is founder of x-studio in Mexico, after acting as co-director at ex-studio in Barcelona. His projects explore the relationship between art and function; integrating the disciplines of architecture, design, sculpture and installation. He has developed a wid...read more