Europahafenkopf, new housing and office complex by COBE

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Dan Stubbergaard, Caroline Nagel. Katharina Erfurt, Simon Sjökvist, Yannick Courtin, Greta Tiedje, Max Neumeister, Rasmus Lassen, Anna Pieranska, Caroline Beck, Casper Borg, Tobias Laukenmann, Rosa Bui, Clement Bue Maali, Cristina Marigo, Hjalte Thorn Bidsted, Karoline Liedtke, Ornella Clappier, William Gardner, Marianne Filtenborg, Bo Peng, Lorenzo Maccacaro, Roberto Barbosa Rojas, Elina Kiriiak, Daniel da Piedade Rodrigues
JES Julia Erdmann Socialtecture, Gildehaus Lankenau Architekten BDA, BPW baumgart+partner, InFaCon GmbH, Ecotec GmbH, ConcreTec GmbH & Co. KG, STB Sabotke – Timm & Partner, Ebert Ingenieure GmbH.
Zech Group GmbH
77,000 m²
1st prize in mastership of ideas in 2018, completion in 2021


COBE is a limited liability company owned by Founder and Creative Director Dan Stubbergaard. COBE is a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focuses on architecture and design – from buildings to public space, to large scale urban planning. In 2005 Dan Stubbergaard and Vanessa Miriam Carlow founded COBE. The name COBE is derived from the two cities the founders are coming from - COpenhagen and BErlin. Since its establishment, COBE has gained international recognition through the realization of beautiful and innovative projects.

Today, COBE is two separate companies - one seated in Copenhagen (COBE ApS headed by Dan Stubbergaard), and one in Berlin (COBE Berlin GmbH headed by Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow). The two offices have shared a number of projects in the past, and apart from developing projects individually, they continue to share and collaborate on selected projects - also in the future.

COBE is situated in a refurbished warehouse centrally located on the Copenhagen harbor front, and currently employs approximately 50 dedicated architects, urban planners and administrative staff of different nationalities.

COBE is run by a management team consisting of Dan Stubbergaard and a core team of Project and Administration Managers. Together, they are responsible for the company’s overall development and strategic long-term goals.

All projects are developed in project teams, made up of a mix of senior and junior architects, which are led by a Project Manager. Cross-disciplinary teamwork is central in our working method and each project team cooperates with a wide range of external experts in order to obtain the best opportunities and potential towards finding innovative solutions in each particular project.

Selected awards.-

[2012] Nykredit’s Architecture Prize. Nykredit Foundation.
           MIPIM Award - Best Refurbished Building. The Library Marché International des Professionnels de l'Immobilier.
[2011] Copenhagen Award for Architecture - Best Public Building. The Library. City of Copenhagen.
[2006] The Golden Lion. Best National Pavilion. International Venice Biennale of Architecture.




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