Everything with roof tiles in the KOI CAFE by Farming Architects

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An Viet Dung; An Thanh Nhan; Pham Ngoc Linh; Andrea Scalco
88m² (5.5m x 16m)
Completed.- 2017

An Viet Dung, An Thanh Nhan. Farming Architects

Farming Architects. They cultivate green ideas, treat each building as a result, which can not be obtained in days one, two. They must strive to create quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly living spaces. This process forces them to understand many things: nature, geography, people, climate, ... "We are like farmers who sow green in the urban fields".

An Viet Dung with a trained foundation as an architect, in 2010 he  graduated from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at National University of Civil Engineering. In 2012 he moved to Italy for his researching of Master Degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Brescia-Italy. During the course, An Viet Dung had the opportunity to study in Israel, which is very developed with high-tech agriculture. He was immersed in Israeli agricultural techniques such as Hydroponics and Aquaponics and he was incubated to be able to apply these techniques to his buildings.

With such background and research knowledge, in 2016, architect An Viet Dung returned to Vietnam-his homeland and opened an architect's office called Farming Architects based in Hanoi. Since then, he has produced a series of architectural products in a subtle integration between construction techniques and "urban agriculture" by applying agricultural technology of Israelis. It can be seen clearly through a series of his projects such as: ECO-Balcony, KOI-Cafe, VAC-Library and so on.

The works of An Viet Dung have received many prestigious international awards. Spec Go Green-2017 Award, Baku-2017 International Award. Certificate of Merit from Czech Republic Association-Inspireli 2018 for the project "Wake spaces up-ECO Balcony in Urban", Shortlist of World Architecture Festival in Berlin, Germany 2017. Especially, September 2018 at Chicago-USA KOI CAFÉ project won In the category Hospitality and became " The Building of the Year 2018".

An Thanh Nhan. Architect; The National University of Civil Engineering - NUCE (2005-2010); The valedictorian of NUCE in 2016.



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