Exhibition for Urvanity Art Fair 2022. Everywhere & nowhere by Pareid

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February 2022, the exhibition lasted 4 days.
C. de Hortaleza, 63, 28004 Madrid, Spain.

Déborah López, Hadin Charbel. Pareid

Pareid. Déborah López and Hadin Charbel are architects and founders of Pareid; an interdisciplinary design and research studio currently located in between London (United Kingdom) and Ponferrada (Spain). Their works adopt approaches from various fields and contexts, addressing topics related to climate, ecology, human perception, machine sentience, and their capacity for altering current modes of existence through iminent fictions (if).

They are both Lecturers (Teaching)  at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL in the B-Pro program where they run Research Cluster 1 in Architectural Design entitled “Monumental Wastelands” focusing on cli-migration and autonomous ecologies through climate fiction (Cli-Fi).

Previously they were Adjunct Professors and Second Year Co-cordinators at the International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) at the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University  (Bankgok).

Awarded with the Monbukagakusho scholarship (MEXT) between 2014-2018, they received their Master in Engineering in the Field of Architecture  from the University of Tokyo (T-ADS), after which they remained as researchers and tutors. Hadin received his B.A in architectural studies from UCLA and Deborah a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s of Architecture from the European University of Madrid.
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