Fables for the Drone Age by Richard Goodwin

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Betts Project, 100 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ. UK
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Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin. With 42 years of practice as an internationally exhibiting artist and architect, Goodwin has sustained a prolific and award winning practice provoking boundaries between art and architecture. In 1996 Goodwin established the Porosity Studio at the College of Fine Arts within the University of New South Wales where he currently holds the position of Professor of Fine Arts and Design. He teaches part-time via intensive, international and multi-disciplinary studios providing a unique context for the renegotiation of delineations between art, architecture and urbanism. A United Kingdom based series of Porosity studios have recently been fully sponsored by the British Council.

In 2002 Goodwin was awarded the prestigious Discovery Grant from the Australian Research Council to fund the development of his ideas on Porosity – a redefining of public space in cities leading to urban propositions of parasitic architecture. In 2008 he received his PhD for further Porosity research. This research continues today under a second Australian Research Council Linkage grant in collaboration with architecture academic Russell Lowe entitled, Real-Time Porosity: Using Computer Gaming Technology to Map and Analyse Pedestrian Movement in Public and Private Space.

Major prizes include: The National Sculpture Award 1985, The Sculpture by the Sea Prize 2003, Helen Lempriere Award 2004, the Blackett Award for Architecture in 2004, and the Wynne Prize from the Art Gallery of NSW 2011.

Goodwin’s Architectural practice concentrates on parasitic connections between private and public space. Recent works include the Cope Street parasite and the Deepdene Parasite. Goodwin has also completed several public structures including four pedestrian bridges, one of which was constructed for the Olympic Games precinct in Sydney 2000.


Born Sydney, Australia in 1953. Currently living and working in Sydney. B. Sc.(Arch.) University of New South Wales in 1975.B Arch. (Hons. 1) University of New South Wales in 1978. He was part-time lecturer, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales(1986-93)and guest Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University. He was member of the NSW Advisory Council Committee, Ministry for the Arts(1993-94). He was member of the College Academic Board, Sydney College of the Arts(1997-98). He was 
external examiner for Honours and Masters students at COFA and SCA. Continued commitment to guest lectures at all Sydney Universities and the Institute of Architects regarding art and architecture in public space(1995-00). In 2000 Awarded M. Arch. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne. 2000-16 Visiting Professor and External Examiner for Masters and PhD Students at the Royal Institute of Technology, Melbourne. In 2000 Appointed Adjunct Professor, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. In 2003  Awarded Discovery Grant for Porosity Research completed in 2005. In 2004  Appointed Professor, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. In 2008  Awarded PhD, COFA, UNSW. In 2009  Awarded Australian Research Council Linkage Grant in collaboration with UNSW academic Russell Lowe entitled Real-Time Porosity: using computer gaming technology to map and analyse pedestrian movement in public and private space. In 2010  Appointed Visiting Professor at DongHua University, Shanghai, China. In 2013 Appointed Adjunct Professor at UTS Sydney, School of Architecture.



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