Functional hybrid. PULO MARKET by a9a rchitects

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Architectural Design a9a rchitects. Lead architect.- Jio Li.
Design Team
Buliding A Interior Design.- a9a rchitects.
Design Team.- Ariel Shen, Ling Wang, Kun Li, Yongjie Bian.
Building BCD Interior Design.- HÉZI DESIGN.
Design Team.- Mingmin Yu, Chito Wang, One Chen, Xinrui Wang.
Landscape Design.- H&A LANDSCAPE DESIGN.
Structural Design.- LuAnLu Partner Structure Consulting.
Visual Identity Design.- ZSDC.
Signage Design.- a9a rchitects.
Architectural Lighting.- bpi.
Interior Lighting.- studio illumine, Artluci lighting design.
Curtainwall Design.- Zhengzhou Jinyige Decoration Engineering.
Electromechanical Design.- MING SHEN ARCHITECTURE DESIGN.
Construction Drawing Design.- MING SHEN ARCHITECTURE DESIGN.
Shanghai Zhenyuan Timber Structures Engineering Co., Ltd.
4,200 m².
Design Time.- 07/2021-12/2021.
Construction Time.- 11/2021-10/2022.
Zhengzhou, Henan. China.
Arch-Exist Photography, THE IDEAL LAND, TOPIA.

Jio Li. a9a rchitects

a9a rchitects is a China-based studio of architects and designers, founded in 2015. The studio is interested in all issues directly or indirectly related to architecture, working on projects and research of any scale in the fields of architecture. They have received wide attention and recognition at home and abroad, winning the 2020 Dezeen Awards, 2020 WAF, 2020 AD 100, 2020 Architecture MasterPrize, International Design Media Award, 2021 BLT Built Design Award and other major architecture awards in home and abroad, and have been reported by many domestic and foreign media.

Jio Li has been involved in planning, architecture and interior design for more than fifteen years. Under the tutelage of Hua Tang, Zhizhong Dai and Pengju Zhang, he worked and studied in many star firms and was involved in commercial real estate projects and ancient architecture design research for many years, including CAG, CMCU ADD. He has participated in various real estate and public building design projects on numerous occasions. In 2013, he worked and studied ancient architecture design methods in Chengdu for two years for work purposes. In 2015, he co-founded a9a architects with his friend Asif and tried to design all new things. Following the principle of design creativity and combining it with the principle of "natural attributes are the invariable design language", he has successively completed cultural projects of various scales. After the establishment of a9a, partner Asif expanded the studio's international architectural vision. In 2018, the focus shifted to the international level. Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, President of the Jiuzhu Branch of the Research Institute of Architectural Planning and Design, Chongqing University. Master of Architecture, Chongqing University. Jury of the BLT Built Design Award.
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