Georgii Krutikov. The Flying City and Beyond

Georgii Krutikov. The Flying City and Beyond
By Selim Omarovich Khan-Magomédov
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Cover "Georgii Krutikov. The Flying City and Beyond", editorial TENOV.

The Russian avant-gardes always were overshadowed by constructivism. The darkness over their proposals, lack of information from them for decades, coupled to extraordinary brilliance and dissemination of the constructivist actions, caused many of its actors and proposals, were remained on the back burner, or completely forgotten.

The Tenov editorial (dir. Llorenç Bonet) has recently published, in English and Spanish, an extraordinary and careful study by Selim Omarovich Khan-Magomedov, entitled 'Georgii Krutikov. The Flying City and Beyond.' A particularly attractive and contemporary title if we remember the first sentences of 'The History of the Pool' by Rem Koolhaas, text included in 'Delirious New York'.

'Moscow, 1923. At school one day, a student designed a floating swimming pool. Nobody remembered who it was. The idea had been in the air. Others were  designing flying cities, spherical theaters, whole artificial planets.'

"Delirious New York", by Rem Koolhaas. Oxford University Press. New York, 1978. P. 253.

In 1928, while a student of architecture at the Moscow Vhutemas, Georgii Krutikov presented a vision for a flying city. More than just a flight of more


Selim Omarovich Khan-Magomedov, (1928-2011) has been widely recognized for his outstanding contribution to the study of the Russian avant-garde movement during the 1920s and 1930s. He has written countless monographs, articles and books, including the legendary read more